Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in UK


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After a long time Samsung present you an exquisitely crafted phone along with a seamless finish of glass and metal which makes the design brilliant. It is the world’s first display screen which appears in dual edge. It comes with the color notifications by which you can easily identify who is trying to contact you, even if your phone is upside down. Both the rear and front cameras are improved now, you can take the clearer and better pictures this time. Now, it comes with the better charging system almost two times faster than the previous models. This time Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a wireless charging compatibility. Recharging of phone may vary according to the usage of a person. It is energy efficient, the results are unbeatable comes with 64 bit architecture LPDDR4 and advance GPU. It allows you for multitasking and for multimedia functions and prepared with a 5.1 inches HD display.


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